Specialty Services


No single capacity solution fits the needs of every aspect of an operation or industry. Businesses are often faced with times where traditional freight formats may not be cost effective or completely adequate. At USAT Logistics, we strive to offer specialized services to efficiently accommodate your specific operational needs.


Our extensive experience moving freight across borders into and out of Mexico over the last few decades, has allowed us to establish and build strategic relationships with highly qualified partner carriers. Our cross-border services reach most major Mexican markets as well as the Canadian provinces. Using our vast network, we’ve been able to continually coordinate freight transportation into and out of these areas and consistently maintain our C-TPAT certification.

Benefits of USAT Logistics’ Cross-Border Service
  • Experience and capabilites that extend across North America
  • Work with a trusted carrier network and representatives
  • Regulatory compliance with C-TPAT Certification
  • Complete visibility from origin to destination
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Moving your less-than-truckload shipments with USAT Logistics gives you access to the competitive pricing and convenient delivery schedules that we are able to offer through our numerous national and regional LTL partnership carriers. Setting up your next LTL shipment is incredibly easy. After you provide us with the shipment details, we will be able to quickly generate a quote to meet your service requirements.

Benefits of USAT Logistics’ LTL Service
  • Ability to cost-effectively move shipments that don’t warrant a full trailer
  • Quick and easy pickup scheduling
  • Delivery time frames that will suit your needs
  • Providing economic advantage of LTL consolidation
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At USAT Logistics, we maintain the capacity to handle any expedited needs your operation may have. We know that every industry runs into situations where traditional methods of transportation may not be adequate and a time-sensitive option is required. With a next-day freight acceptance rate of 99%, we’re known for being able to handle your freight emergencies with ease and professionalism. Due to our vast network of carriers and partners, we always have a solution on hand to get your freight where it needs to go, when you need it to get there.

Benefits of USAT Logistics’ Expedited Service
  • Ability to quickly and easily contract for unexpected, time-sensitive shipments
  • Allows you to offer your customers quick shipping options
  • Quick and efficient shipping that is handled by professionals
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Bulk Cargo Transport

Transporting your raw materials can easily become an incredibly stressful process. At USAT Logistics, we know how to handle the transportation of your unpackaged cargo. Whether you need to move gravel, fuel or another commodity, with a bulk carrier network at your disposal, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently move your large quantity resources to where they need to go.

Benefits of USAT Logistics’ Bulk Cargo Service
  • Easily move commodities that can’t be packaged into a container
  • Movement of both liquid and dry bulk cargo
  • Competitive bulk cargo prices with unlimited flexibility
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Our Dedicated service provides you with a capacity solution that is customized to meet the specific and unique needs of your business or industry. At USAT Logistics, we offer your operation all the advantages and benefits of a private fleet without the complications that are often associated with it. We can assist you in managing every aspect of your business’ freight operation, from cost and regulations compliance to service performance, freeing you up to focus on your core business. We have experience running Dedicated freight operations for customers of all sizes, and our scalable solutions provide the flexibility to improve on the efficiency of your distribution network, while delivering award-winning service the whole time.

Benefits of USAT Logistics’ Dedicated Service
  • Advantages of a dedicated, in-house fleet with guaranteed capacity
  • Better cost management and reduction of risk and liability
  • On-site management and performance reporting
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Those smaller links in your supply chain are no less critical than the larger ones. USA Logistics’ Intermodal Drayage services can help you connect those links with efficient, effective solutions customized to fit your your needs. Drayage is particularly useful when you need to move cargo from one form of transportation to another in a limited amount of time. We offer IMDS in strategic markets throughout the U.S., specializing in the drayage of trailers and containers between shippers, railroads and ports, safely and efficiently.

Benefits of USAT Logistics’ Intermodal Drayage service:
  • Domestic and International Intermodal Drayage solutions
  • Local and regional service
  • Day cab and OTR tractors available
  • Technology specified to manage the complexities of Intermodal Drayage
  • Experienced and knowledgeable Intermodal Operations team
  • CTPAT and SmartWay certified
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As a SmartWay partner and a responsible corporate citizen, USAT Logistics takes a proactive approach to reducing our carbon footprint. We employ a paperless fax system and maintain our own digital document storage facility to encourage our team members to limit paper usage as much as possible. Our monitors are equipped with an “auto-off” feature to save power when not in use and we utilize LED bulbs to reduce lighting energy output. Each of these components play a role in benefitting the long-term health of our environment.