RELATIONSHIPS That Go The Distance

We pride ourselves in meeting short- and long-term capacity needs while providing superior customer service. Our assets — which are our people — work very hard to create and develop long-lasting relationships where all customers’ needs are satisfied. This has directly reflected in our increase of organic growth.

Liz Giddings, Regional Manager

We strive to take the complications of moving freight off your plate and provide peace of mind that your shipments will pick up and deliver on time, every time.

Tyler Brendle, Regional Manager

In order to maintain strong relationships, we must value our carriers and treat them with respect. One of the things I enjoy most about my job is developing those relationships in order to enrich the customer experience with USAT Logistics.

Jackie Molina, Carrier Relations Specialist

Our goal is to always exceed expectations. I make a point to reach out to every new customer after the first load is delivered so I can build a multi-level relationship and make sure we provided excellent service and communication. If the customer is impressed, then we’ve done our job.

David Joiner, Regional Manager